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2019 CPGPS Summer School

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Introduction: The summer school takes "Beidou satellite navigation and positioning cutting-edge technology" as the theme, and the content covers two links: expert lectures and Beidou navigation innovation design competition. The expert lectures are mainly focused on the time and space benchmarks and orbits of Beidou satellite navigation and positioning. Advanced issues such as clock error, clock error positioning and enhancement technology, error model, terminal technology, and navigation and positioning innovation applications are explained in detail; Beidou navigation innovation design competition adopts PPT report and discussion mode, and the content involves Beidou/GNSS satellite navigation and positioning theory and methods And its application.
  • GNSS professionals, students, and anyone interested in Global Navigation Satellite System
  • or satellite positioning and navigation technologies, regardless of nationality, are welcome
  • to join CPGPS.All members must recognize and follow the CPGPS Bylaws
  • TEL:(403) 220-8150
  • gao@geomatics.ucalgary.ca


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