Journal of Global Positioning Systems

Vol. 18, No. 1, 2022


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1. An indoor magnetic field matching positioning solution based on consumer-grade IMU for smartphone

2. Estimation and analysis of BDS-3 multi-frequency differential code bias using MGEX observations

3. A geometry-based ambiguity validation (GBAV) method for GNSS carrier phase observation

4. Comparative analysis of data quality and performance index for BDS-3 constellation

5. Innovative formulation in discrete Kalman filtering with constraints - A generic framework for comprehensive error analysis

6. Bio-inspired Map Construction based on Brain Navigation Mechanism for Indoor Robots


7. High precision positioning for pedestrian navigation in dense urban environments

8. Research on the Underwater Vehicle Navigation Based on Bayesian Filter

9. Research on LiDAR/INS/ODO/GNSS vehicle integrated navigation algorithm based on graph optimization

10. Attitude estimation methods using low-cost GNSS and MEMS MARG sensors and their integration

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