Journal of Global Positioning Systems

Vol. 18, No. 2, 2022


JGPS Team Structure, Copyright and Table of Contents

1. GNSS-IR Inshore Tide Measurement Based on Low-Cost Chipset

2. Photorealistic simulation platform for autonomous landing of fixed-wing aircraft

3. GPS/MEMS IMU/UWB tightly coupled integrated navigation with robust Kalman filter based on bifactor

4. Two-stage fusion localization based on UWB/PDR/Geomagnetism in underground space


5. Ocean Wind Vector Retrieval Based on Spaceborne Global Navigation Satellite System Reflectometry

6. Enhancing the Accuracy of Water Vapour Retrieval from Remote Sensing Observations Using Ground-based GNSS Data

7. GNSS PPP/INS Integrated Precise Positioning and Attitude Determination with Comprehensive Error Analysis

8. An Investigation of Real-time GNSS Precipitable Water Vapor Retrievals

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