Beidou/GNSS Summer School 2012

Beidou/GNSS Summer School on GNSS Frontiers Technologies 2012 successfully held

The first Beidou/GNSS Summer School on GNSS Frontier Technologies was successfully held at Beihang University, Beijing China during 25-31 August 2012. The summer school has been the joint initiative between CPGPS and Beihang University under the finical support of Beihang University and Shanghai Huace Navigation Ltd. The summer school has attracted 65 participants from 24 organisations in mainland China, Taiwan, Hongkong, and Pakistan. Having achieved anticipated objective, the summer is overall considered being a very successful program.

The program has included the high quality specialized lectures as follows

Prof.Yuanxi Yang, Contribution of Beidou System (invited presentation)

Prof.Yang Gao, Precise Point Positioning: Methods, Performance and Application

Dr.Peng Fang, On Advanced GNSS Data Analysis Software,High Precision Products and Applications in Earth Science

Dr.Maorong Ge, Global Precise Point Positioning Service and it's Regional Augmentation

Prof.Andrew Dempster, GNSS Receiver Design

Prof.Ruizhi Chen, Satellite Based Augmentation System

Prof.Yanming Feng, Multiple GNSS Models and Three Carrier Ambiguity Resolutions

Prof.Jinling Wang, GNSS Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring

Prof.Ruizhi Chen, Geospatial Computing: Transforming Cell phones from Smart to Cognitive

Prof.Dongkai Yang, GNSS Software Receiver

In addition to the overview of state-of-art advances in the particular field, speakers introduced their contribution to the field and provided perspectives on research challenges, trends and tangible research topics. These lectures, given in English, are very informative and systematic and of high quality. The program was also featured with participants' presentations and panel discussion. Feedbacks collected from participants have rated very positively about the overall success of the program and organizational services.

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