What's New in 2008

Jan. 12, 2009: President Dr. Chen Ruizhi's Report for 2008

Dear members,

  Attached please find the short summary report for 2008 . It has been my pleasure to serve you and CPGPS as the president for 2008.
Thank you all for your support to our work in 2008 and hope you will continue to support CPGPS. The visibility of our ogranization has been increased in China and other parts of the world since the last few years. I believe that it will be improved further under the leadership of the Prof. Shi Chuang, the president of 2009, and Prof. Ge Linlin, the preseident of 2010.
Happy new year!
Best Regards

Ruizhi Chen

Dec. 27, 2006: Dr. Linlin Ge has been elected as CPGPS president for 2010.

Dear CPGPS members

According the voting result, now we are officially announcing that Dr. Linlin Ge wins the 2010 CPGPS Presidential election.

Congratulations! Dr. Ge and We appreciate all CPGPS members' support.

Happy New Year to you and your family!

The Election Committee
Chuang, Zhizhao, Yunchun

October 20 , 2008: CPGPS Publishes JGPS Vol. 7, No. 1. 2008 Online Version

JGPS Vol. 7, No. 1 2008 is available online now.

October 14, 2008: Postal Doctoral Research Fellow Job Opportunities at RMIT University, Australia

See Job description in detail

October 1, 2008: President Dr. Ruizhi Chen Calls for Abstracts and Support for a Joint Meeting with CTAAGPS in Beijing

Dear CPGPS members: 

CPGPS will Co-sponsor a joint meeting together with the Chinese Technical Application Association for GPS (CTAAGPS)  on


New Navigation Technologies and Innovations


The meeting will be held in Beijing on 18-20th of Dec. 2008. The objectives and the topics of the meeting can be found from the attached file.


An oversea CPGPS delegate from North America, Europe and Australia will join the meeting. This will be the third time for the CPGPS members to meet in China during 2008. It is the first time for CPGPS to co-operate closely together with CTAAGPS.  CPGPS members are warmly welcome to participate this meeting.


CTAAGPS will provide acommodation for the oversea participants. For those from oversea, please drop me a short e-mail in case you are able to partcipate the meeting. I will send the list of oversea participants to Beijing by the end of this week.


Looking forward to meet you in Beijing.


Best Regards


Ruizhi Chen

CPGPS President 2008.

September 25, 2008: CPGPS Members Met Together at Savannah During ION GNSS 2008 Conference

During ION GNSS 2008 Conference at Savannah, CPGPS board of directors and members had a wonderful meeting.

June 23, 2008: Two Exciting Ph.D APAI Scholarships @ RMIT University

Click here to view details.

June 20, 2008: Call for your contributions for Journal of GPS!

We are opening a new column as Lecture Notes in Journal of GPS (CPGPS). Welcome your contributions ! More details ...

May 22, 2008: Call for Abstracts for a scientifc workshop on Hazard Monitoring by Geosciences – Preliminary Results from the Wen Chuan Earthquake

Dear CPGPS Members and Colleagues.

Our hearts have been tightly tied to the Wen Chuan Earthquake for the last 11 days.   To help us to understand such a natural disaster better from the scientific point of view, CPGPS would like to hold a scientific workshop on "Hazard Monitoring by Geosciences ¨C Preliminary Findings from the Wen Chuan Earthquake" in the University of Wuhan on 26th-27th of June 2008.

Attached please find the document of " Call for Abstracts " for the details of the workshop. A Chinese version of the document will be distributed soon in China. Please feel free to distribute this information to anyone who may be intertested.Looking forward for your contribution and hope to see you in Wuhan.  

Best Regards

Ruizhi Chen (ruizhi.chen@fgi.fi)

CPGPS President 2008.

May 04 , 2008: CPGPS Publishes JGPS Vol. 6, No. 1-2 Online Version

JGPS Vol. 6, No. 2 is available online now.

JGPS Vol. 6, No. 1 is available online now.

March 27, 2008: Draw your attention to the Journal of Global Positioning Systems (JGPS)

Dear Colleagues:

We would like to draw your attention to the Journal of Global Positioning Systems (JGPS), which is a peer-reviewed journal that specifically targets to professionals engaged in the research and development in the positioning systems including global navigation satellite systems (GNSS). JGPS, published in June and December each year, is the official publication of the International Association of Chinese Professionals in Global Positioning Systems (CPGPS).

Thanks to the founding Editor-in-Chief, Dr Jinling Wang, and the great support and contributions from the worldwide readers and contributors in the academia, industry and governmental research institutions, JGPS has steadily grown in the past several years to become one of the few journals specialising GNSS and other positioning technologies. In the beginning 2008, the JGPS renewed its editorial management team and have committed to make the best efforts to bring JGPS to its next level of excellence and improve the impacts of the Journal. In order to achieve this objective, we will be working very hard to assist you publishing your latest research and development outcomes in our JGPS in a timely manner. We promise that the full cycle of paper submission, review and publication be efficiently managed by the Editors. However, the key to the success of the Journal in the field is the quality and novelty of the papers regularly published in the Journal. Therefore, we wish to obtain your generous supports, in particular:

  • We would like to solicit your contributions to the JGPS on a regular basis. All CPGPS members are strongly encouraged to submit their high quality papers to the Journal;

  • We hope you can coordinate the submissions of quality papers regularly, for instance, at least one paper per annum from your research team or company;

  • We invite you to actively involve the review process of the Journal submissions;

  • When you publish papers at any Journals and conferences, you are encouraged, if relevant, to refer to at least one non-self-citied paper published in JGPS;

  • The Journal can publish papers selected from non-referred conference papers, subject to regular review processing results, the improvement with respect to the conference paper and permission from publishers of the conference papers.

  • We will introduce annual best paper awards and best reviewer awards. Each year, in late summer, the Editorial Board nominate and vote for up to 2 best papers and vote up to 2 best reviewers.

  • We would appreciate it very much if you would inform us of your position on this matter. We have attached a form for Expression of Interest, for your convenience.

    We look forward to your active contributions and the opportunities of working with you.

    Best regards,

    Dr Ruizhi Chen, President CPGPS ruizhi.chen@fgi.fi

    Dr Yanming Feng, Editor-in-Chief Journal of Global Positioning Systems y.feng@qut.edu.au


    Feb. 04, 2008: President Dr. Chen Ruizhi announces 2008 CPGPS New Executive Officers.

    Dear members,

    Attached please find the CPGPS organizations for 2008. We will try to serve our members better with your supports.

    A few issues:

    1) CPGPS warmly welcome the new members who joined us in Fort Worth and in Guangzhou.

    2) In order to serve you better, for those who have paid the membership fee for 2008 in Fort Worth (ION 2007) and in Guangzhou (CPGPS Forum), please send an e-mail to the director of your regional office (e-mail address of the directors can be found from the attached file).

    3) If you have not yet re-newed your membership for 2008, please contact to your local office and re-new your membership. For oversea members, you can re-new your membership online via the CPGPS web-page. Most of common credit cards are accepted.  Please follow the detail
    instruction in the link http://www.cpgps.org/jr.php When you will have re-newed your membership for 2008, please remember to inform the director of your regional office.

    4) Please provide guidance to your colleagues/friends/partners who would like to join CPGPS. The annual membership fees are US$ 30 (CNY 250) for professionals, US$ 10 (CNY 80) for students, and US$ 200 (CNY 1600) for Corporate members.

    Best Regards

    Ruizhi Chen
    CPGPS President 2008

    Jan. 30, 2008: President Dr. Chen Ruizhi announces2008 CPGPS Work Plan

    Jan. 08, 2008: CPGPS 2007 Youth Forum on The Next Generation GNSS - Opportunities and Challenges has been held in Guangzhou successfully. Click here to view a short report from the University of Wuhan.

    Jan. 01, 2008: CPGPS 2008 Presidential Election Committee announced:

    Dr. Chen Ruizhi has been elected as the CPGPS president for 2008 and Dr. Shi Chuang as the vice president. Congratulations to both of them!

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