What's New in 2005

June 16, 2005: Dr. Yang Gao receives Luojia Chair Professorship from Wuhan University

News from Calgary ( June 16, 2005). The Department of Geomatics Engineering is pleased to announce that Dr. Yang Gao has been appointed Luojia Chair Professor of Wuhan University, China. Wuhan University, with a history of more than 100 years, is a research intensive university that offers undergraduate and graduate study programs related to philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, sciences, engineering, agriculture, medicine and management. The appointment will further strengthen the academic collaboration between Wuhan University and University of Calgary in the field of geomatics. Dr. Gao is the founding President of CPGPS and serves as board of director since then.   A formal ceremony took place at Wuhan University on April 26.   Congratulations Dr. Gao!

May 20 , 2005: CPGPS Publishes JGPS Vol. 3, No. 1-2 Online Version

JGPS Vol. 3, No. 1-2 is available online now.

May 17 , Research assistantship Opportunities available at The University of Calgary

Research assistantship for two PhD/MSc students is available in the research group of Positioning and Mobile Information Systems, Department of Geomatics Engineering at The University of Calgary. Interested individuals should submit a resume to Prof. Yang Gao by email: gao@geomatics.ucalgary.ca. Information about the research group can be foun d at www.ucalgary.ca/~ygao.

May 04, 2005: Job Opportunities available at NavCom, Inc. CA, USA

Please check NavCom's job posting at http://www.navcomtech.com/employment.cfm?idS

May 02, 2005: Job Opportunities at Centrality Communications, Inc.

Centrality Communications, Inc., one of the valuable CPGPS corporate members, has a number of posts open in Shanghai, China right now. Please match your position if it fits your interest.
See job description in detail.

March 22, 2005: CPGPS BOD approved the proposal for life-long membership and passed new bylaw with the new membership addition

To acknowledge individual members who have made outstanding contributions to the aims, functions, organisation or standing of CPGPS and have a strong, long-term commitment to serve, promote and contribute the interest and welfare of CPGPS, CPGPS Board of directors (BOD) approved the proposal for life-long membership and passed the new bylaw with the addition of the new membership. Read the new bylaw for details.

Meanwhile, Dr Wu Chen, the president of CPGPS encourages the regional office to recommand the members to be the life long members.

March 08 , 2005: Tenure Track Assistant Professor Image Understanding/Geospatial Information Technology at the Ohio State University

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Geodetic Science at The Ohio State University invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position at the Assistant Professor level. See Job description in detail.

February 16, 2005: Postal Doctoral Research Fellow Job Opportunities at RMIT University, Australia

See Job description in detail

February 16, 2005: CPGPS Headquarter Presents "The Distinguished Service Award" to dedicated servicemen

News from CPGPS Headquarter (Calgary, Canada, February 16, 2005) - Just shortly after 2005 Chinese New Year, the headquarter office is pleased to announce on February 16 that three plagues have been manufactured and are being sent to recipients, who have been recognized by the entire CPGPS community for their significant dedication and contribution to the development and promotion of CPGPS in the passed years. This type of award is set up to recognize the CPGPS members who have provided a recognized significant service to CPGPS members and to the development and promotion of the CPGPS community. The recipients of "The Distinguished Service Award 2004" are Dr Detang Zhong, for his outstanding contribution to the CPGPS website development, Dr Yamin Dang, for his outstanding contribution to the organization of the first 'Young Scientist Forum', and Dr Zhizhao Liu, for his outstanding contribution to CPGPS activities. More...

January 31, 2005: President Dr. Wu Chen anounces 2005 CPGPS New Executive Officers and Work Plan:

Dear Colleagues,

After consulting some of our members, we have formed the executive officers for the CPGPS 2005. We sincerely hope all of our members can support our work in 2005 and of course, in future years to come. We strongly encourage you to contact the regional offices in your region to let us know where you are. Also we have drafted a CPGPS work plan for 2005. Please feel free to make comments and suggestions.

Happy New Year to you all!

Wu Chen
President of CPGPS

January 10, 2005: Call papers for the 2005 International Symposium on GPS/GNSS (GNSS2005)

The 2005 International Symposium on GPS/GNSS (GNSS2005) will take place in Hong Kong, 8-10 December 2005. It is the fourth of a series of international symposiums on GPS and GNSS in Asia Pacific regions with the aims of providing a unique gathering place and open forum for GNSS professionals to exchange experience and knowledge on recent development on GNSS. The symposium will feature a session of presentations from the Civil GPS Service Interface Committee (CGSIC). More ...

December 30, 2004: 2004 CPGPS Highlights and Distinguished Service Awards

CPGPS 2004 president Dr Jinling Wang presents 2004 CPGPS Highlights and Distinguished Service Awards. Here is his message to all members:

Dear All,

As we approaching the New Year 2005 - just hours ahead here in Sydney, I would like to briefly highlight our major activities in 2004 and recognize the significant contributions from our members.

A) Major Activities in 2004

1) New design and development for the CPGPS website. Our website has been an important icon for our Association. The new website has impressed many visitors and gained a good publicity for CPGPS. In addition, the new website has a good structure, which is the foundation for further developments to accommodate a variety of needs in the future.

2) 2004 CPGPS Student Paper Competition. As part of our efforts to attract more students to our association and help them in their career development, we organized the first student paper competition, which was well participated and achieved its goals - a great su ccess!

3) The First 'Young Scientist Forum' The idea for organizing the Young Scientist Forum on Satellite positionin g and navigation in Beijing was initialized during the early days of our CP GPS. In July 2004, we eventually made that idea a reality. The Forum attracted around 50 participants and provided an excellent opportunity for our me mbers to establish/enhance their professional connections.

4) CPGPS gatherings at major international conferences on GPS/GNSS in Rot terdam, Long Beach and Sydney. Strategic planning for our CPGPS was one of the topics discussed at these occasions, and the draft strategic plan was prepared.

5) Four new cooperate members (Centrality Communication Inc., NavCom Tech nology Inc., SZIntech, Televigation) joined CPGPS in 2004.

6) CPGPS sponsored the 2004 International Symposium on GPS/GNSS held in S ydney. Almost all the papers presented at the symposium have been submitted to our CPGPS journal (special issues are under preparation for publication in both electronic and hard copies).

B) Distinguished Service Awards in 2004

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I have the pleasure to announce the 2004 CPGPS Distinguished Service Awards to:

Dr Zhizhao Liu, for his outstanding contribution to CPGPS activities;
Dr Yamin Dang, for his outstanding contribution to the organization of th e first 'Young Scientist Forum';
Dr Detang Zhong, for his outstanding contribution to the CPGPS website development.

Let's congratulate them for the achievements! (Each of them will receive a plague for the award). I would also take this opportunity to thank you all for the support and trust. With the collective efforts from all the members, our Association has been in the good shape. I believe that, under the leadership of our new pr esident Dr Wu Chen and his team, our CPGPS will move forward with more fruitful activities and achievements in 2005! With my best wishes to you all for a safe, happy and prosperous New Year!

Jinling Wang
CPGPS President

December 22, 2004: Dr Wu Chen has been elected as new CPGPS president for 2005

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