International Symposium on GPS/GNSS 2012

International Symposium on GPS/GNSS 2012 successfully held in Xi'an, China during October 30-November 2, 2012. The International symposium on GPS/GNSS 2012 was jointly hosted by Chang'an University (C.U), National Time Service Center(NTSC)of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the International Association of Chinese Professionals in Global Positioning Systems(CPGPS)and State Key Laboratory of Astronautic Dynamics of China Xi'an Satellite Control Center.

The International Symposium on GPS/GNSS 2012 has attracted 150 participants from 10 countries and organizations in mainland of China, Hongkong, Australia, USA, Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Spanish and Pakistan, etc.

CPGPS 2012 President, Professor Yanming Feng made a welcome speech at the opening ceremony on behalf of CPGPS and chaired the keynote speech session.

Professor Zhang Qin of Chang'an University and Professor Chen Wu of Hongkong Polytechnic University led the organization team and have done the excellent work.

The keynote presentations at the International Symposium on GPS/GNSS 2012 include:

  • Matt Higgins, Latest Developments and Future Trends in GNSS and the Impact for Precise Positioning Applications
  • Yuanxi Yang, Progress and Contribution of COMPASS
  • Zuheir Altamimi, Reference Frames for Earth Science Applications and Satellite Navigation
  • Peter Teunissen, GNSS Carrier-Phase Integrity: Research Challenges and Opportunities

  • Over 20 CPGPS members presented their recent work at the Symposium, including
  • C.K. Shum, Prospects of GNSS Reflectometry Science from Space
  • Yanming Feng, An overview of Performance Benefits of Multiple GNSS signals
  • Wu Chen, A Study of Bubble and Scintillation Based On GPS Observations From 2001-2012
  • Peiliang Xu, Cholesky-Based Reduction for Weighted Integer Least Squares Problems
  • Xiufeng He, The performance of GPS and Compass/BeiDou-2 positioning

  • The International symposium on GPS/GNSS is one of the largest international symposiums in the Asia Pacific region dedicated to satellite-based positioning technology and applications. The symposium intends to bring together world-leading experts engaged in GPS/GNSS including industry professionals, practitioners, academics and researchers to disseminate the latest technology of GPS/GNSS, facilitate development of the satellite navigation technology and allow cross-disciplinary exchange of knowledge to further advance in this area.

    The theme of GPS/GNSS 2012 is "The Opportunity and Challenge of GNSS". Speakers introduced their contribution to GPS/GNSS field and provided perspectives on research challenges, trends and tangible research topics.

    Having achieved the anticipated objectives, this symposium is overall considered being a very successful international symposium.

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