Membership Guidelines

Membership Types

Memberships typically include honorary members, Individual members, Emeritus member, Student members and Corporate members.

Honorary Members

Distinguished persons upon whom the Board of Directors see fit to confer an honorary distinction.


Persons who satisfy the Board of Directors of their interest in the advancement of navigation and positioning; are willing to recognize and follows the bylaws, and have paid the annual membership fee (US$30). No formal qualifications are required. All members shall be eligible to hold offices, to vote on the Association matters, to receive the Journal of Global Positioning Systems and the CPGPS Newsletter, and other member benefits and discounts.

Emeritus member

Individuals who have served the profession as members of the association and who are now officially retired from active duty.

Student Members

Students studying at a recognized school or university with a view to making a career in navigation or an allied interest, and have paid the annual student membership fee (US$10). Student Membership carries most of the privileges of Membership.

Corporate Members

Companies or organizations interested in supporting the Association's objectives. A Corporate Member may nominate 6 Associates, and exhibit at events by the Association at reduced rates. The registration fee is US$200.

Termination of Membership

  • 1. The annual dues have not been paid for three months after the due date.
  • The member gives up on his or her own, provided that a written statement of giving up membership has been received and approved by the Board of Directors.

The Membership Form

The application form is available on the website:, and it can also be found in the Journal of Global Positioning Systems.