Welcome to CPGPS

CPGPS, the International Association of Chinese Professionals in Global Positioning Systems, is an international professional organization. Since  its creation in December 2001, membership numbers have been continually expended. Among its members are many highly respected experts in Global Positioning Systems (GPS) from leading academic institutions, government agencies and industry sectors worldwide. These members are very active in the international frontiers of research and innovation; and their work contributes directly to the advancement of modern satellite positioning and navigation technology. CPGPS members have made significant contributions to the international community through their publications, patents and award winning presentations at the international conference.

GPS professionals, students, and anyone interested in GPS or satellite positioning and navigation technologies, regardless of nationality, are welcome to join CPGPS. All members must recognize and follow the CPGPS Bylaws


CPGPS is an academic and non-profit making organization.

It strives to:

  • Promote the professional development of its members, by fostering cooperation among its members and maintaining a central point of reference and deliberation;
  • Promote the exchange of ideas among professionals in the field of satellite navigation and positioning on information, knowledge, scientific research and applications of satellite positioning systems;
  • Provide an efficient channel between its members and other professionals, through which mutual understanding and cooperation can be nurtured and enhanced;
  • Encourage, bridge, establish and develop co-operative activities between this group and other professionals.