1. What is CPGPS?


CPGPS stands for the International Association of Chinese Professionals in Global Positioning Systems. It was founded in December 2001 at Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Currently it is registered as a non-profit making academic organization in Alberta, Canada. Its members come from academic institutions, industry sectors and government organizations all over the world.

CPGPS organizes annual conferences, publishes newsletters, edits and publishes "Journal of Global Positioning Systems", and maintains its web site http://www.cpgps.org.

For more information and benefits, please browse our website or contact CPGPS officers.

2. Where can I find information on CPGPS?


From the website:http://www.cpgps.org.

3. Why join CPGPS?


Click here to find out the benefit details for CPGPS members.

4. How to become a member of CPGPS?


GNSS professionals, students, and anyone interested in GNSS or satellite positioning and navigation technologies, regardless of nationality, are welcome to join CPGPS as long as he/she recognizes and follow the CPGPS Bylaws.

You can apply for CPGPS membership online or by sending a membership registration form to the CPGPS Secretary General. You will become a CPGPS member after your registration form and your correct membership due are received by the CPGPS Secretary General.

5. How to get CPGPS Journals and Newsletters?


All CPGPS members will receive the CPGPS Journal and Newletters by mail (for printed version) or by email (for electronic version). For non-CPGPS members, the CPGPS Journal and Newsletters can be accessed from the website http://www.cpgps.org

6. How to submit papers to CPGPS Journals?


All papers to the CPGPS Journal should be submitted to the Editor-In-Chief Dr. Jianguo Wang jgwang@yorku.ca

7. How to contact CPGPS officials?


Click here to find email addresses of CPGPS officiers.

8. How to ask a CPGPS member a question?


If you know the member's email address, you can email questions directly to the member. Otherwise, you can send the questions to the CPGPS Secretary General, and he will forward your questions to the member.